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To ensure safety and quality our company possesses all the required certifications for each work as well as the approved accreditations for each machinery.

Long Experience

Dionisopoulos L.P. has been operating in the shipping industry for more than 30 years.

Maintenance & Repairs

The primary objective of our company is to ensure the quality of the services we provide.



Long Experience


Maintenance & Repairs



Our company’s primary objective is the immediate and continuous update about new methods and innovating equipment, so as to maintain the highest level in our services always respecting the environment.

In addition, our company aims at the constant education of our already specialized staff with the ulterior goal the direct connection of our innovating methods with the level of our human resources.

Our company takes all the necessary measures so as to comply with the national as well as the international practice with regard to transparency procedures and operations of the company. Our well-trained legal service ensures the full compliance of the company with the requirements of national and international legislations.

The service is staffed by the lawyer Nikolaos Th. Dionisopoulos and the lawyer Kiriaki Th. Dionisopoulou.

Dionisopoulos L.P. based in Perama Ship Repair Zone has been operating in the shipping sector since 1989.

The founder of our company, Theodoros I. Dionisopoulos, has many years of significant experience in the repairing field. Ioannis Th. Dionisopoulos specialized in Shipping (BSc Shipping, Business College of Athens – Plymouth University | Athens) follows in his footsteps ensuring that our work continues to offer excellent results.

Our company is firmly committed to the best service of our clients, paying special attention to every detail. Our goal is the constant upgrade of our staff concerning new means and methods in order to achieve pioneering performance in every project we undertake.

Assures you safety and quality